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Paint your Fibre Experience

Net Nine Nine fibre experience center being branded
Delegates from the Zimbabwe Investment summit explain that Zimbabwe is filled with talented artisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, business people and small businesses that need affordable ways to get on the map. Often having the ability to communicate, advertise and facilitating purchases is made significantly easier through digital channels.

Connecting Schools with Free Fibre

Elevate learning opportunities with access to unlimited opportunities with Net Nine Nine
Net Nine Nine connects schools with free fibre services so learners and educators can benefit from Free fibre at school. We have connected more than 20 schools so far and that's just the beginning, We're committed to ensuring that the schools within our coverage are able to connect to high-speed fibre internet

Change is digital: School Invasion Thabong

Thabong School invasion roadshow designed to help education school children on the fourth industrial revolution.
One of the main advantages of this initiative is that it gives access to a vast array of online educational resources that were previously out of reach. For instance, students can now participate in virtual field trips, access online libraries, and collaborate with peers from all over the world on group projects. Similarly, teachers can benefit from a wide range of teaching resources available online, including lesson plans, multimedia materials, and educational apps.

Net Nine Nines Monthly CSI Drives

Monthly CSI Drive

Net Nine Nines Monthly CSI Drives Communities thrive when individuals come together with a shared purpose to support one another. Volunteering and giving back are crucial components of this process and Net Nine Nine thoroughly believes in giving back to…

Mhluzi Fibre Launch

Mhluzi Fibre Launch Connecting communities is one of our specialities, we always do our best to ensure that no one is ever left out because of lack of connections. As a company, we went all out to get the residents…

Kwa-Guqa Soup Kitchen & Launch

Kwa-Guqa soup kitchen & launch

Kwa-Guqa Soup Kitchen & Launch Net Nine Nine had a successful launch of fibre internet at Kwa-Guqa on the 3rd of June 2023. Net Nine Nine team always takes time from their schedules to identify the needs of these developing…

Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch

Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch

Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch The launch was not only about supplying fibre for real to the community, but it included intensive education on the importance and benefits of having fibre connected to your home. The community witnessed themselves a…

Ga-Rankuwa Fibre Launch

Ga-Rankuwa launch

Ga-Rankuwa Fibre Launch The Ga-Rankuwa fibre launch was a success and Net Nine Nine would like to thank the residents for taking part in it. On the 08th of July 2023 Net Nine Nine hosted an educational fibre launch day…

Hammanskraal- Community Water Purification Initiative

Hammanskraal Water Purification Drive

Hammanskraal- Community Water Purification Initiative When Cholera broke out again, everyone was at a scare. This went as far as people outside the country. The Hammanskraal community became the worst affected with high cases of Cholera. The Tshwane municipality-based communities…

Disability Awareness Drive- Living in Colour

Disability Awareness Drive

Disability Awareness Drive- Living in Colour. 21 March 2023 The Living in Colour Foundation is an NPO founded by Katlego Mhlaba Motlamelle, a 15 year-old inspirational youngster from the township of Kagiso, Johannesburg. The youngster strongly believes that the people…