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To Ensure ONT / Fibre router is operational: Please check off these following three steps.


Make sure your ONT box is powered on and that there is electricity in the house.


This power port is connected to a power socket.


It connects to an optical port on the wall through an optical fiber to receive fibre

ONT/ Fibre Box Lights

ONTs / Fibre Routers have lights on the front side, this image shows what they should look like, if yours looks different & your internet is down, you could be experiencing a fault or hardware problem.

Start by turning off your ONT / Fibre router at the wall and waiting 15 seconds before powering it back on, then wait 30 seconds & check your connection to the internet.

No Joy? Now check the lights displaying on your ONT / Fibre Router.

The power light should be solid green. If it’s not please check if your ONT is plugged in. Click the power button next to this box, to get help from our support team.

The PON light should be solid green. If it’s flashing or turned off, click the PON button next to this box to arrange get help from our support team.

The LOS light should be off. When the light is red it indicates a possible fibre fault, click the LOS button next to this box, to get help from our support team.

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Still struggling to connect don’t worry you can give us a call on 087 245 0099 between 8am and 9pm Monday to Saturday for real human support. We’ll do everything we can to get you back online or if there is a serious problem we can arrange a repair that is convenient for you.