The Advantages of Fibre

Despite many advantages of fibre internet, a Large portion of South Africans continue to rely on mobile data bundles to stay connected to the internet on a daily basis. On average South African’s data usage has more than doubled in the last three years, this means that South Africans are incurring up to 10x the cost for their internet needs. So should you delete your social media profiles, rent a DVD player and start messaging your friends using smoke signals? NOT ON OUR WATCH.

Accessing equal opportunity relies heavily on a good internet connection, reading emails, joining online meetings and doing research, are a requirement for most job opportunities, not a luxury. Fortunately, there is a cheaper, faster, and more enjoyable way to get your work, entertainment and socializing done without breaking the bank.

Switching from mobile to fibre internet can save you up to 90% on your internet monthly costs.

Learn about some of the Advantages of For Real Fibre right here and join the Net Nine Nine fibre revolution today.

What is Fibre?

A fibre optic cable is made up of hundreds of hair-thin glass strands are used transmit light pulses over long distances at light speed. The light pulses are then translated into data & then a WIFI signal at the “Optical Network Terminal” (AKA router) in your home. This enables fibre to be one of the fastest and most stable internet solutions available. Fibre intenet is unaffected by the weather, is not at risk of theft, and your speed is not shared with other users, meaning you will always get your advertised speed.

Download that 2-hour high-definition movie you really want to watch in minutes.

The Advantages of for Real Fibre.

-Fastest line speed options available.

-Stable, & unaffected by weather conditions, or distance.

-On even during load shedding as long as your ONT / router is powered.

-Unattractive to thieves as there is no precious metals in the network.

-Truly Unlimited data, with no cap or shaping.

-Not shared with anyone you don’t give your WIFI password too.

Wifi showing all the benefits of a high speed fibre connection

The Net Nine Nine Promise .

Installed within 48 hours: Make your first months payment* and we’ll get you connected within 48h (Monday to Saturday) so you can start enjoying your high speed fibre internet connection.

No installation fees: We’re so confident that you will love our fibre that we take the risk paying the installation cost so you don’t have to.

Your Fibre Your Choice: We don’t hold pricey cancellation fees over the heads of our clients, so there is no reason to fear signing up for Net Nine Nine fibre.

Need Help: No problem, our dedicated support team have a support ticket resolution time of less than 72 hours, and are reachable by phone during working hours Monday to Friday, Alternatively tickets can be logged here on our website 24/7.

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The Power of Light.

Even with the most affordable package you will be able to stream high definition video, play online games, and get work done on multiple devices simultaneously, without interruption.

Fibre will supply more consistent speeds, reduce latency, lower ping, and buffer faster than any other methods of internet transmission, even if the download and upload speeds seem to be similar to other internet transmission technology. You’ll notice the difference in speed the first time you use your high speed fibre connection!

Are you getting what you paid for? Seeing is believing, so speak to your friends and family about their fibre experience.

Work, play, learn, shop and unlock opportunity with Net Nine Nine for real fibre internet.

No Manga, Manga Business.

Net Nine Nine is here for you, we understand that new technology may be intimidating, so we have opened physical stores in most of our coverage area’s so you can get personalised support, make payments and learn how to best use your fibre connection.

Stores can be found at the following locations:

Kagiso Mall (Kagiso Drive.) ,

Westonaria (Elizabeth Centre.)

– Thabong (Boitumelo Junction)

– Mhluzi (e’mhluzi Mall)

– Rocklands (Kensworth Centre)

– Phuthaditjhaba (10115 Motloung Street Kenzitown)

Stores Under Construction:

-Kwaguqa (KG Crossing)



Still think its too good to be true? Why not visit our store locations.

Net Nine Nine, may not be the largest fibre companies around, but it’s making the biggest impact in the fibre industry!

Check out the Net Nine Nine Terms & Conditions.