Beat the load shedding power your WIFI router through the shed.

Get Your Home Ready to Survive Load Shedding.

Beat the Load Shedding this Year

Back-Up Power to keep your WIFI Online, Even When the Power is Off.

Load Shedding is here to stay.

Unfortunately load shedding is the new normal in South Africa, and there is no end in sight. Not being able to connect to the internet during down time can be catastrophic, especially if you are working from home. Fortunately, there is a way to beat load shedding and keep your internet connected even when power is off.

Net Nine Nine Fibre Stays on.

Net Nine Nine fibre internet is passively powered, this means that the fibre is live even when the power is not. In order for your WIFI to remain online and beat the load shedding, you will only need to power your ONT / Fibre router, and you’ll have an uninterrupted connection, so you can work from your laptop, tablet or cell phone until the power is back on.

What you’ll need.

All you need to take advantage of Net Nine Nine’s passively powered network is the following.

– Battery operated device – Laptop, cell phone or mobile tablet.

– An active Net Nine Nine fibre connection.

– A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to power your ONT / Fibre router through the load shedding.

Choosing the right UPS for the Job.

At Net Nine Nine there are two ONT/ Fibre Routers that are used. You may have a Huawei or a Nokia ONT.

Both ONT’s use 12v power so please ensure that any selected UPS is setup to deliver 12v to the ONT.

Nokia ONT’s use between 40w and 60w per hour.

Huawei ONT’s use between 30w and 50w per hour.

This means that a Net Nine Nine ONT can use up to 240w of energy during a 4 hour shift of Load shedding. Any UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) with a larger capacity than 30 000 mWh or 1000VA. These should be able to keep the UPS powered through 2 and a half hour load shedding schedule.

Where to get the right UPS in South Africa.

Here are a few options of UPS’s that can help you beat the load shedding. (Specs, prices and availability of these items are dependent on the suppliers, and may be subject to change without notice.)

Here are some good options we found:

Volkano Mini Ups

Product Description:

Colour: White

Capacity: 30 000 mWh

Estimated run time: 2.5-3.5 hours

Starting From Only: R799,00

Supplier: Pick ‘n Pay

LAVA Fusion WiFi UPS

Product Description:

Colour: Black

Capacity: 32 000 mWh

Estimated run time: 4-5 hours

Starting From Only: R999,00

Supplier: Makro

10400mAh Mini UPS

Product Description:

Colour: Black

Capacity: 38 480 mWh

Estimated run time: 4-6 hours

Starting From Only: R649,00

Supplier: Leroy Merlin

Gizzu Mini Dual DC UPS

Product Description:

Colour: Black

Capacity: 32 000 mWh

Estimated run time: 4-5 hours

Starting From Only: R699,00

Supplier: Builders Warehouse

Terms & conditions apply, subject to stock and offer availability. Net Nine Nine is not able to assist with the purchase or reservation of any UPS devices and interested clients need to purchase the UPS from the suppliers directly. Pricing and stock availability may not be up to date on this page, please click the buttons above to view the product on the suppliers page.

How to connect your UPS to your ONT (Fibre / WIFI Router)

How to setup your UPS with your fibre system

Important to note.

-Your UPS will need to charge for up to 4 hours from a powered wall pug before being used to power your ONT for 2 and a half hours of load shedding.

-Depending on the model of your UPS may need to be setup to output 12v to your ONT, please refer to the UPS owners manual in order to complete this setup. (using the incorrect voltage may damage the UPS or the ONT.)

-The fibre Drop cable (cable connected from the wall to the ONT) is very fragile and needs to be handled with care. If this cable is broken or kinked it may cause your connection to drop and you may be liable for the cost of the replacement part and labor.

-Net Nine Nine does not assume any liability regarding compatibility of any UPS models, and cannot assist with claims of faulty UPS’s or damages these claims must be addressed with the supplier of the unit.

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