Who is Net Nine Nine?

“We are a Fibre Internet Service Provider, Rolling-Out Internet Solutions in South Africa.”

Who is Net Nine Nine?

Net Nine Nine was founded on the 12th of September 2020 by two South Africans, Our CEO Albert Oosthuysen and our Chief of Staff Nicholas Thipe. Our fearless leaders have a dream, to connect all South Africa with high quality internet connection with a focus on low LSM communities who may not have access to an affordable internet connection. The freedom of access to information in these communities is pivotal to their success as it allows community members, to learn new skills, provide better education, better employment opportunities as well as promote the entrepreneurial nature of many of the community members. They have a strong belief that the freedom of access to information is the key to true economic equality in South Africa.

Share success with the community

Net Nine Nine is committed to ensuring the upliftment of the communities it serves, it does this by ensuring that it shares the wealth that it brings within the community. Net Nine Nine hires local community members to assist with the construction of the network, marketing, advertising, and sale of the service, as well as using local vendors and hiring equipment from locals wherever possible.

Sebokeng School shoe drive handover to school

Low risk to you.

Net Nine Nine understands that within these communities many do not have the capital available for an expensive upfront installation cost, and many are nervous of signing up for a long term commitment to help them pay this expense off over time. Fortunately Net Nine Nine offers its products with no installation fees, no contract and no cancellation fee and no risk to its clients.

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Our Dream.

At Net Nine Nine, we have a dream. Our dream is to connect all of South Africa to an affordable, accessible & high quality internet connection. In South Africa we have a large portion of the population that have extremely limited access to the internet or no internet access at all. Unfortunately this drastically reduced their ability to compete with more advantaged communities driving, unemployment and widening the economic divide.

Sebokeng School shoe drive handover to school

Freedom of access to information.

At Net Nine Nine we believe that the best way to accomplish this freedom is through access to an unlimited, affordable and accessible fibre internet connection. This access allows educators to create more engaging lessons, it allows students to do more in depth research earning better results, it allows entrepreneurs to access a global stage to promote their goods and services, it allows tradesmen to further refine their skills and learn new trades, and it allows community members to connect with friends, family or colleagues in the blink of an eye, no matter where in the world they are at a fraction of the cost of a phone call.

CSI Initiatives

Furthermore Net Nine Nine is committed to assisting communities with CSI initiatives (Corporate Social Investment).

Connect all schools within its coverage area. with a free high speed fibre internet connection.

-Soup Kitchens.

-School Shoe drives.

-Water drives.

-Community Sports tournaments

-Socially responsible community initiatives and more.

Here to stay.

Net Nine Nine also offers physical store locations in many of its area’s, that can offer support, assist with signing up and can accept payments in cash, with a card or EFT, or debit order allowing residents to choose their preferred method of payment, rather than forcing them to pay via a debit order like most internet service providers.

At Net Nine Nine we’re committed to ensuring that all South African’s have an equal opportunity to succeed through equal access to opportunity, we believe that many of the challenges with equality can be overcome this way. Help Net Nine Nine to achieve our dream of connecting all South Africans, so we can help you achieve your dreams of a better South Africa for All.

Net Nine Nine – Fibre For Real…