Limited time UPS / Back-Up power deal. (expired offer, no new clients eligible from 29/06/2023)

After upgrading to a Net Nine Nine UPS fibre package, I give my permission to Net Nine Nine to charge my account based on my selection on this form, monthly. I also acknowledge that I will receive my UPS within 30 (thirty) days of my first payment of my upgraded package. I further agree that the UPS remains the exclusive property of Net Nine Nine (Pty) Ltd and that I may not sell, alienate, or otherwise dispose of the device or intentionally or negligently damage, or in any way misuse the device, including but not limited to charging, or powering any item, device, product or machine other than the Net Nine Nine supplied ONT(fibre router). I understand and acknowledge that after receiving my UPS I will no longer have the option to downgrade my package below the R399 per month 20/10 Mbps package which includes the UPS – and consent hereto. I agree that I have read and understand the Net Nine Nine terms and conditions that can be found on this website and to be bound thereto.

Available packages:

20/10Mbps R379pm – No UPS included.

20/10 Mbps R399pm – UPS included for new sign-ups only.

100/100 Mbps R699pm – UPS included for new sign-ups & clients that upgrade their package.

50/50 Mbps R499pm – UPS included for new sign-ups & clients that upgrade their package.

Stock is limited to 1000 devices and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, for a limited time only.

Clients that are deemed to be miss-using the device or have caused damage to their device will not be supplied a replacement device free of charge, and may be charged for the repair or replacement of the device., however devices that suffer from our of box failure or early failure may be replaced by Net Nine Nine at its own discretion.