Disability Awareness Drive- Living in Colour

Disability Awareness Drive- Living in Colour.

21 March 2023

The Living in Colour Foundation is an NPO founded by Katlego Mhlaba Motlamelle, a 15 year-old inspirational youngster from the township of Kagiso, Johannesburg. The youngster strongly believes that the people in his community are not well educated on people living with disability and their needs.

Katlego approached Net Nine Nine seeking sponsorship for the Disability Awareness Drive event that aimed at addressing the stigma faced by people living with disability in his community. The event brought awareness and educated the community about the different types of disabilities and challenges that one faces when living with a disability.

“I want this event not only to bring change in our communities, but I also want to see this change in the families that are living and taking care of kids living with any disability”. – Katlego

At the Disability Awareness event, Net Nine Nine provided sanitary towels and hygiene items as well as R10,000 in cash. The sanitary towels and hygiene items were given out to attendees who had disabilities.

Through Net Nine Nine’s sponsorship, the Living in Colour Foundation was afforded the opportunity to unite people living with different types of disabilities and offer them much needed support and encouragement. The community left the event with the zest of wanting to be more involved in creating a change in the community and better informed on how to better cater for the needs of those living with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Drive

Net Nine Nine- CSI Projects

Net Nine Nine – Disability Awareness Drive in Kagiso founded by Living in Colour

21 March 2023