Paint your Fibre Experience

Mbali Nhlapho the house keeper, joins Net Nine Nine as a brand ambassador

Paint your fibre Experience

At Net Nine Nine we believe in sharing wealth with our communities. This allows community members to benefit from the construction, sales and marketing efforts of our company.

One of the ways we share our wealth is through the creation of fibre experience centers.

After analyzing data from our market studies, we identified that many of the communities are skeptical about new brands, products, or services. Many mentioned that they have been scammed by companies and scammers in the past.

To help potential clients build trust & value in the Net Nine Nine brand and its service we decided to embark on a campaign to create fibre experience centers. These hotspots allow for our clients to experience our high-speed internet services for free.

What’s a fibre experience center?

A fibre experience center is a small privately owned business that falls within the Net Nine Nine coverage area. We decide on a business we like and strike up an agreement with the owner to host promotional materials and branding. In return these businesses are fitted with a 100 mbps unlimited data fibre internet connection, allowing them to offer free High-speed Wifi to their clients.

Fibre experience centres then allow clients to experience the benefits of high quality fibre internet without paying a cent. The Fibre also allows the business to add value to its products and services through digital advertising or the virtue of allowing its customers to connect while they are having their hair done or car washed.

We believe that our money is better spent within these communities, than on a faceless agency billboards, street pole ads or formal media space, where no one in the community will ever see a benefit from it.

Local is lekker

We believe that having these fibre experience centres connected with fibre and carrying Net Nine Nine branding will prove to skeptical clients that we are not a fly-by-night company.

Our plan is to embed ourselves into these communities for the decades to come. If we can keep our brand top of mind while doing some good and befitting the communities we serve, then that’s the approach we are going to take.

If we can show the local shop owners and service providers that we are here to stay, and can provide them with great service. These trusted community members will help us spread the good news about our brand.

Sharing is caring

At Net Nine Nine we believe in the freedom of access to opportunity through technology. Our success is linked to the success of the communities we serve. We want these businesses to be successful and the people that run them to be the next heroes in their fields. If we can show the customers how valuable the internet is as a tool for their business and provide a medium for them to create their own success, then we have done our job well.

Growing everyday

Net Nine Nine has equipped 48 Fibre experience centres with Free fibre services across the Free State, Mpumalanga, Gauteng and North West province. We aims to connect more experience centres every month. So next time you see a Nail salon, car wash or restaurant, with a powered by Net Nine Nine sign, ask for the password and connect to high-speed Net Nine Nine fibre while you enjoy some home grown local is lekker service.