Hammanskraal- Community Water Purification Initiative

Hammanskraal- Community Water Purification Initiative

When Cholera broke out again, everyone was at a scare. This went as far as people outside the country. The Hammanskraal community became the worst affected with high cases of Cholera.

The Tshwane municipality-based communities became badly affected by this because the municipality claims to have limited resources and capabilities to provide purified water for the community at large. With the news making headlines every day, it was more of each to their own because this affected the lives of their family members.

Net Nine Nine embarked on an initiative to assist the community with having drinkable water once again. The fibre supplying company donated a thousand sachets of water purification sachets to the community. The company believes in giving back to the community for real and it aims to develop the lives of these communities.

The usage of these sachets is very quick, time efficient and was thoroughly explained to the members of the community in a demonstration the Net Nine Nine staff presented. The water purification sachets will assist the community with Cholera as well as purifying river water to make it drinkable. The community was immensely grateful for Net Nine Nine stepping in and taking the initiative in their own hands to assist the community.

Hammanskraal Water Purification Drive

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Hammanskraal- Community Water Purification initiative

29 June 2023