Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch

Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch

The launch was not only about supplying fibre for real to the community, but it included intensive education on the importance and benefits of having fibre connected to your home.

The community witnessed themselves a brightly colourful and exciting day with their loved ones and Net Nine Nine during the fibre launch on the 25th of March 2023. There were a lot of games to take part in for both the kids and the youth of the community.

Fibre education served as an opening for the day for the community to understand what the company is all about and drew more of their attention when they mentioned what the benefits of having fibre internet in their homes are.

Whilst the residents were enjoying the day, soup kitchen drive went on to feed all the 1500 individuals who attended the event. The community proceeded to watching soccer and netball matches by their local teams and the kids enjoyed themselves to indigenous games and jumping castles.

Summing up the day with prizes for the teams who won during the tournament, two tablets were given out to two attendees in a lucky draw raffle and the first client who got installed walked away with a smart TV.

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Rocklands Soup Kitchen & Launch

29 June 2023