Net Nine Nine- Connect to Free Wi-fi in Swaneville

Net Nine Nine connects Swaneville to Free Wi-fi

Net Nine Nine connects Swaneville to Free Wi-fi

We have great news for you! Net Nine Nine launched its free Wi-Fi initiative on Saturday 09 December 2023 to the residents of Swaneville.

The initiative is a collaboration between Think Wi-Fi and Internet Service Provider Net Nine Nine. The aim is to bridge the digital divide and provide free internet access to those who cannot afford it. This is a significant step towards ensuring that everyone has access to information and can participate in the digital economy.

The free Wi-Fi initiative is not only beneficial to individuals but to the community as a whole. It will enable businesses to thrive, as they can now leverage technology to reach a larger audience through online advertising and social media. The initiative will also provide a platform for innovation and creativity, as people can now access online courses, research, and other resources that were previously unavailable to them.

The Launch event will featured speeches from Net Nine Nine founders and representatives, and other stakeholders. Attendees were asked to raise any questions or concerns that they had regarding the project.

The Net Nine Nine team assisted community members to connect to the Free Wi-Fi service, and attendee, were encouraged to test the speed and reliability of the network. There was also many free giveaways, including t-shirts, caps, and other branded merchandise, cold drinks, snacks and water.

The launch event was open to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or socioeconomic status. It was an opportunity to learn about a game-changing initiative that has the potential to transform the lives of many. South African’s

Here’s How to Connect to Free Wi-Fi in Swaneville.

Step 1: Switch on your Wi-Fi on your phone, or Wi-Fi enabled device.

Step 2: Select “Net Nine Nine Free Wi-Fi” from available connections.

Step 3: Wait for the page to load, and click continue.

Step 4: Click connect and view a 30 – 60 second advert.

Step 5: Choose to extend your session from 30 – 60 minutes

Step 6: Start browsing with fast, unlimited fibre based internet for Mahala.

Thank you to all the Swaneville residents that jointed the launch event on Saturday 09 December 2023, we hope that you enjoyed the day with the Net Nine Nine team, please tell your friends and family members about the Free WiFi so that they can also enjoy a Mahala unlimited connection, so that they to can access unlimited access to opportunity.

Thank you for joining us SwanevilleNet Nine Nine team.

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