Kgosi Khumalo- Kagiso Fine Artist

Net Nine Nine, Sponsors Local Artist Kgosi Khumalo to Help put SA Art on the Global Map.

Nkosinathi Kgosi Khumalo is a talented visual fine artist born and bred in Kagiso, (Mogale City). From a young age, Kgosi realized the incredibly rich culture of the people in the vibrant town he calls home. He dedicated himself to helping the youth of Kagiso to unlock and refine their talents.

Kgosi founded the Backyard Art Gallery to assist local artists, poets, and musicians to refine, sell and showcase their talent. The Backyard Art Gallery is a 100% black owned SMME that acts as a stage to showcase the talents of people in Kagiso, regardless of race, status, or economic position, and helps to create job opportunities for the youth, woman and people with disabilities.

Early in 2023, Kgosi got connected to a Net Nine Nine high speed fibre connection and posted some of his best works on Facebook and other online platforms. His work was noticed by the legendary Black Consciousness Leader Lefifi Tladi, who was exiled from South Africa to Sweden during apartheid.

Lefifi Tladi was inspired by Kgosi’s work and invited him to showcase his work at an art exhibition in Sweden so that Kgosi’s incredible talent could be realized on a global scale. Kgosi is currently running a fundraising campaign to gather enough capital to be able to travel to Sweden and embark on his dream of putting the talented township of Kagiso on the global map.

Net Nine Nine has partnered with Kgosi from its launch in November 2022, where Kgosi assisted the company with painting beautiful murals, during the pilot phase of the Net Nine Nine Kasi fibre project. When Net Nine Nine heard about the wonderful opportunity that Kgosi has accomplished, we wanted to help wherever we could. Thus far, we have assisted him by sponsoring his flights, supporting and sponsoring events at the Backyard Art gallery and useing our platforms to promote Kgosi’s amazing talent, to help him accomplish his dream.

Nkosinathi “Kgosi” Khumalo is a visual fine artist who creates inspirational, and quintessentially African paintings. His use of colour, texture, and shape make his artworks unique and thought provoking. Net Nine Nine would like to offer the opportunity to purchase an original and unique one-off painting from Kgosi Khumalo to enable him to earn his way to the exhibition in Sweden.

The proceeds from any artwork sold will contribute to his trip to Sweden in early 2024, as well as the further development of the Backyard Art Gallery in Kagiso.

To view his work, please feel free to contact him on 073 451 0305 and schedule a viewing appointment. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to bring the artworks to you for a personal viewing. Prices range from R2 000 to R20 000 per art piece depending on their sizes, material used, and date of the painting.

Get your “Kgosi Khumalo” piece before he is too famous to afford his work, we wish you all the best Kgosi, you are an inspiration to all South Africans, achieve your dreams, and we’ll see you when you get back to SA.

-Net Nine Nine team.

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Kgosi Khumalo (Kagiso Fine Artist)

Puts SA artists on the global Map!

We help get him to Sweden to showcase his talent.