Song Competition – Winners

Congratulations to the Net Nine Nine Super Stars!

What a talented nation!

We believe that everyone should be given their flowers while they can still smell them. The Net Nine Nine song competition was the first of its kind and we were amazingly stunned by the support and the influx of songs we received from the first day of the competition.

To ensure that the procedure of choosing the winner was fair, we asked the public to be the ones choosing our theme song through votes and YouTube streams.

Due to an internal timeline error, our poll went live before the agreed time and remained live for a little while longer than what was agreed and because the competition was designed to support local talent, we came up with a positive solution that would benefit both these talented artists.

After several discussions with both internal stakeholders and our contestants, we saw it fitting for us to crown both Liso The Musician and Rulliey Beats as our winners for the Net Nine Nine theme song competition. Every community needs a Queen and King to move forward, and we realized that ours were just a stone’s throw away.

We are happy to present to you our Net Nine Nine theme song competition winners; Liso The Musician and Rulliey Beats, who both will walk away with R10 000 each to invest in their incredible and unmatched talent.

Thank you to all the community members who voted and follow our pages to see our next initiative..

Listen to the incredible winning song submissions on our YouTube by clicking the links below.

#1. Rulliey Beats Records

#4. Liso the Musician

-Net Nine Nine team.

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