Mbali Nhlapho the House Keeper.

Humble beginnings

Mbali Nhlapho is a TikTok sensation widely known throughout South Africa for her DIY cleaning tips, powerful catch phrases, and her bubbly and positive attitude to what most South Africans see as a menial task.\

Born and raised in Diepkloof, Soweto Mbali
Nhlapho never saw housekeeping as a chore, instead, she took pride in making
the things around her sparkle, and shine.

Starting her business

Mbali Nhlapho started her venture into entrepreneurship when her sister asked her to help find a housekeeper and Nanny to assist with looking after the house whilst she was on maternity leave. Despite being in short supply Mbali was able to find a suitable candidate for her sister within two weeks. Once the word got on the street that Mbali had been able to assist with such short notice, inquiries began to flood in for similar assistants, prompting Mbali to consider launching her own, nanny and cleaning services firm.

In 2016 Mbali lost her job as a sales lady at a popular furniture company and decided to use the time to start her company “Sisters at Work”, a Nanny and cleaning services placement agency aimed at homes requiring customized cleaning, or nanny services. In 2017 Sisters at Work was born and over the years has proven to be a great success, now employing more than 40 people.

Mbali used DIY cleaning tips and knowledge passed down from her grandmother who raised her, to help her staff to be more effective at work. While spending time with her son, he suggested that she should share some of her tips on an up and coming social media platform “TikTok”. Mbali started making short DIY videos on housekeeping and posting them on TikTok and coined the phrase “I’m Mbali Nhlapho and I’m the housekeeper” which is now known as a global scale catch phrase.

Brand Ambassador

Net Nine Nine has decided to partner with Mbali Nhlapho as she is a person who embodies the goals and aspirations of Net Nine Nine, namely providing access to opportunity through the freedom of information. Mbali Nhlapho shows everyday South Africans that no matter how simple or humble your dreams may be with a “go-getter” attitude, an internet connection, and some passion, you too could elevate your dreams and go way beyond what you think is possible.

Mbali Nhlapho is a beacon of hope in South Africa, we believe she is a guiding light, inspiring other South Africans to shoot for their dreams and aspirations and use access to the internet as a tool to enhance their efforts and help accomplish their aspirations.

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Mbali Nhlapho the house keeper, joins Net Nine Nine as a brand ambassador

Mbali Nhlapho humble beginnings began in Soweto when her gran taught her how to clean

Mbali Nhlapho the house keeper is an internationally recognized symbol of success through the internet