The Advantages of Fibre

Get fast fibre for your home, stream all your entertainment, automate your home security and access and much more.
Fibre internet can boost your education of the education of your loved ones, attend online classes, share skills and learn new skills on thousands of free internet based classes.
keep your family close no matter where they are in the world, with unlimited data to communicate with your loved ones.

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What is Fibre?

Our fibre-optic cables are made from hair-thin strands of glass. We transmit pulses of light over long distances through the glass, which are then translated into data & then a WIFI signals at the “Optical Network Terminal” (AKA router) in your home. Fibre internet is not affected by the weather, is not shared with others, and is less prone to theft because it contains no precious metals or materials.and

Download a high-definition movie, in minutes.

What’s special about fibre.

-Fastest line speed options available.

-Stable, & unaffected by weather conditions, or distance.

-Stays on during load shedding as long as your ONT / router is powered.

-Unattractive to thieves as there is no precious metals in the network.

-Truly Unlimited data, with no cap or shaping.

-Not shared.

Skuzabelle addressing the crowd at the 2023 Easter Soccer Tournament in QwaQwa
Wifi showing all the benefits of a high speed fibre connection

The Net Nine Nine Promise .

Installed within 48 hours: Make your first months payment* and we’ll get you connected within 48h. (Monday to Saturday)

No installation fees: We’re so confident that you will love our fibre that we take the risk paying the installation costs so you don’t have to.

Your Fibre Your Choice: We don’t hold pricey cancellation fees over your head. or lock you in for years, so there’s no reason to fear signing up for Net Nine Nine fibre.

Need a hand: No problem, our support team has an issue resolution time of less than 72 hours, so they are available from 8am till 9pm everyday.

Blast off with Net Nine Nine for real fibre internet for real, and start your journey to your fibre.

The Power of Light.

It’s amazing what you can do with even with the most affordable fibre package. You can stream high definition video, play online games, and get work done on multiple devices simultaneously, without interruption.

One of the main advantages of fibre is that its not shared with other clients, this means that even when compaired to similar advertised speeds from other services, fibre based internet feels, faster and more stable. This is especially noticible during prime times. You’ll notice the difference in speed the first time you use your high-speed fibre connection!

However seeing is believing, so speak to your friends and family about their fibre experience.

Work, play, learn, shop and unlock opportunity with Net Nine Nine for real fibre internet.
Net Nine Nine fibre experience center being branded

No Manga, Manga Business.

Net Nine Nine is here for you. We understand that new technology may be intimidating, so we have opened physical stores in most of our coverage area’s so you can get personalised assistance. Get support, make payments and learn how to best use your fibre connection.

Stores are now available in 9 locations in South African, find a store near you.

We may not be the largest fibre ISP around, but we’re making the biggest impact in the fibre industry! Be part of the fourth industrial revolution by getting connected to fast fibre internet connection from Net Nine Nine.

Get personal, human support when you need it, our friendly team are ready and waiting to assist you.