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What is Learn 2 Education?

This platform offers children a new personalized online learning experience, supercharged with diagnostics, this program gives each student a personalized learning path that assists in remediation, revision, exam prep and smarter learning. As students progress, the application will recommend lessons and tests according to each student’s level of knowledge and prioritize weak skills.

What makes It different?

Learn 2 Education provides the most advanced learning application to students across South Africa. Using innovative diagnostics, we are helping fight the declining level of mathematics our South African students face on a day-to-day basis.  By giving children access to education, we are helping shape the future of education for students. It offers students everything they need to stay motivated and improve their maths marks to spark a brighter future.

Education with Your Net Nine Nine Fibre?

Enjoy 3 months free Learn 2 Subscription for one of your children with Net Nine Nine when you get your fibre installation completed, all you need to do is complete the form below to apply for your coarse and they will contact you to arrange the beginning of your subscription.

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You have been invited to enjoy a 3-month free trial on the Learn 2 tutoring platform with your Net Nine Nine fibre package at no extra cost. If you or a family member need some assistance with mathematics from grades 1 -12 the “Learn 2” tutoring platform may be guide to assist your child. Sign up by completing the form below and get your children a head start on their education today!

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Education is the key to access to opportunity in South Africa. Unfortunately many kids are deprived of their right to a good education through ill equipped schools, that may lack educators with the necessary skills to offer these kids the education they deserve.

This may put these children at a disadvantage, effecting their national exams marks, having detrimental effects on their lives as a whole.

At Net Nine Nine we have partnered with a company that offers certified, and proven tutorials to assist children with difficult subjects like Mathematics in order to give all children a fighting chance, in an effort to start bridging the digital divide.