Now is the best time to switch to fibre.

Fibre is high speed & convenience all in one.

Download 20 GB game

Download 2 Hour Movie

Download 100 Cat Videos

ADSL 1 Mbps

48 Hours

3 Hours

11 Hours

Fibre 20 Mbps

2 Hours

10 Minutes

35 Minutes

Low Latency Gaming.

Get that headshot first, stop the rubber banding, & smile as your enemy blames their lag for their lack frags. The faster the fibre, the lower the latency. More frames win games…

Home Office. 

Avoid awkward video delays, & frustrating download speeds, with fast fibre your home office runs like a well-oiled machine… from the future… with wings! 

Connect with Loved ones.

Connect with your closest friends & family in an instant, regardless of where they are in the world. Fibre internet allows you to make ultra high quality group chats, video calls & family reunions, so your sister in Australia & your cousin in Dubai, are only a click away.

Education Unlocked.

Fibre opens the world to you, from learning to bake your own home made banana bread, to finding out how  the dinosaurs went extinct. a high speed fibre connection unlocks unlimited education opportunities.    

Fibre Packages.

Select the right speed & package for your Family & budget.

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Step 01

Show Interest

If Evotel is not in your area yet, show your interest so we can bring fibre to you.

Step 02

Pre Order

As soon as your area is cleared for fibre, we will begin installing the fibre infrastructure.

Step 03


Once your area is fibre-ready, we will come install fibre to your home.

Mission Statement

Evotel is for EVERYONE looking to get connected. We are and open access fibre-to-the-home network provider that delivers a stable and uncompromised network to all South African suburbs. Evotel is driven by a team of passionate and experienced individuals who aim to provide around the clock service to new and existing customers, who are seeking fibre connectivity.