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Change is digital: School Invasion Thabong

Thabong School invasion roadshow designed to help education school children on the fourth industrial revolution.
One of the main advantages of this initiative is that it gives access to a vast array of online educational resources that were previously out of reach. For instance, students can now participate in virtual field trips, access online libraries, and collaborate with peers from all over the world on group projects. Similarly, teachers can benefit from a wide range of teaching resources available online, including lesson plans, multimedia materials, and educational apps.

Mbali Nhlapho the House Keeper.

Mbali Nhlapho the house keeper, joins Net Nine Nine as a brand ambassador

Humble beginnings Mbali Nhlapho is a TikTok sensation widely known throughout South Africa for her DIY cleaning tips, powerful catch phrases, and her bubbly and positive attitude to what most South Africans see as a menial task.\ Born and raised…