The Peaceful King of Kagiso

Mbali Nhlapho the house keeper, joins Net Nine Nine as a brand ambassador

Helmeted ‘Guineafowl’ sounds distinctive double clack-clack about Net99

Sweden-bound Nkosinathi Khumalo, AKA Kgosi (The King of Kagiso), is set for international stardom, thanks to Net Nine Nine’s contribution toward the Kagiso-born artist’s future in the world of the arts.

Affectionately known as Kgaka (Guineafowl in English) in Kagiso where he was born and raised, Khumalo is preparing for a big move abroad to collaborate with celebrated South African painter, poet, sculptor, and musician, Lefifi Tladi, in Sweden next March, where the 75-year-old legend is based.

Khumalo, sitting at his family house on Kagiso Avenue, admitted that his career would not be where it is today without Net Nine Nine’s support and dedication to his success.

Driving through Kagiso’s main road, one is met with a beautifully painted Net Nine Nine house, its vibrant colors bringing light and excitement to fibre internet users in the township. Khumalo, an entrepreneur, arts specialist, events coordinator, and community builder, sits at his parents’ home, which he has converted into an arts gallery.

Support from Net Nine Nine is Unparalleled

He emphasized that Net Nine Nine’s support has been unparalleled in Kagiso. Net Nine Nine’s first store is situated just up the road, inside the mall at the corner of Kagiso Avenue and Krugersdorp Road. The shop is always packed with happy clients settling their monthly accounts and seeking more of their services.

Khumalo explained the origin of his relationship with Net Nine Nine: “Three years ago, the manager of Kagiso’s biggest radio station, Westside FM, introduced me to this big brand when they launched fiber internet in Mogale City. They had an event where I was invited as a community builder and influencer.

“I was commissioned to paint murals for their clients, an assignment close to my heart as it falls in the field of arts. I am the first one who drew their paintings. Some of us never anticipated that fiber internet would reach us in townships, and they have broken barriers when it comes to change.”

Khumalo continued: “Net99 bought my paintings and supported other artists around our township. They sponsor most of my community service investment (CSI) projects. You can imagine my relationship with them. This noble company has invested in the youth by buying paintings we used in our structures where we educated the youth about the arts.”

The Documentary

He referred to a well-attended ‘sip-and-wine’ event to promote his work: “They captured my story very well through a video documentary produced from the event, and my artwork never looked more international.”

Brian Lavesta Thipe, a craft artist, and Themba Ntaka, both introduced to Net Nine Nine by Khumalo, are among a few talents supported by this internet service provider (ISP). “They are crafting Net99 murals together and singing together,” Khumalo revealed, wearing a branded hoodie.

In September this year, South Africa can expect the biggest arts festival ever in Kagiso, where national and international artists will display their work. “Net Nine Nine is a big community builder, alleviating poverty in townships. Artists are getting paid for their work, and many youth are employed as installers, service providers at the store, contractors, and maintenance staff.

Connecting students with education

“They’re also developing education in schools by connecting them to free internet. Selected NGOs, SMMEs like chesanyamas, hair salons, car-washes, spaza shops, and others benefit greatly, especially in communities hit hard by unemployment.

“Net Nine Nine is involved in many projects in the township, but as a specialist in the arts, I appreciate how they are part of Business Arts South Africa (BASA). BASA has over 40 members, and they recognize companies that support the arts. This shows they have the best interest of the underprivileged at heart.

“The free business branding of schools and businesses from Net Nine Nine works better than the company could have imagined. They help us with advertising, bringing more clients our way. It’s an indirect advertisement for us, something we couldn’t afford.

“I am sponsored with free fiber at my business. It helps when I host events. I share the PIN with guests so they can experience Net Nine Nine’s product. Our lives rely heavily on the internet, and it’s expensive on your own, but Net Nine Nine’s rates are reasonable and affordable.”

King of Kagiso’s Journey to Sweden

Khumalo was thrilled when Net Nine Nine promised to potentially support his trip to Sweden financially. “I was supposed to leave for Europe last year, but financial constraints delayed it. It required about R190,000, which I don’t have. However, it was confirmed I would depart in 2025.

“Once all the travel arrangements are finalized, I can always rely on Net Nine Nine to back me up. They’re already on board. I have an important exhibition with Lefifi Tladi, who is my role model and mentor. Tladi is an international brand, with his work selling for no less than R300,000.

“Being mentored by him would open many doors, including opportunities with governments interested in my paintings. He is currently concluding his arts book, which will be launched in September next year.”

Net Nine Nine – Supports Kagiso Artist from Net Nine Nine on Vimeo.