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Net Nine Nine, Connects 20+ Schools with Free Fibre

Net Nine Nine has generously provided free fibre to 20 local schools in the areas of Kagiso, Bekkersdal, Westonaria, Mhluzi, Simunye, Thabong, Phuthaditjhaba, Ga-Rankuwa, and Kwa-Guqa. These initiatives have the potential to significantly enhance education and connectivity for students and teachers in these communities, helping to enrich lessons and deepen understanding in learners. Some of the schools that have benefited from this program include.

Net Nine Nine connected schools

  • Mandisa Shiceka School of Specialisation
  • Kagiso Senior Secondary School
  • Mosupatsela Secondary School
  • Isiqalo Primary School
  • TM Letlhake Secondary School
  • Ipeleng Primary School
  • Kgothalang Secondary school
  • Kwa-Guqa Primary school
  • Itumeleng Lsen School
  • Thushanang Primary School
  • Kgola-Thuto Secondary School
  • Thotagauta Secondary School
  • Lephola Secondary School
  • Nelson Ngubeni School
  • DM Motsaosele Secondary School
  • Seatile Primary school
  • Teto High school
  • Thembekile Primary school
  • Lebogang Secondary school
  • Dirisanang Primary school

Net Nine Nine’s generous provision of free fibre to these schools in various communities is a significant step towards improving access to education and connectivity. It not only empowers students and teachers with valuable resources but also helps bridge the digital divide that exists in many undeserved areas.

The list of schools benefiting from this initiative reflects a commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for the next generation. The impact of reliable internet access in schools cannot be overstated, as it opens up a world of educational resources and opportunities.

Net Nine Nine’s dedication to supporting these schools and communities showcases the positive role that businesses and organizations can play in fostering education and connectivity. This initiative has the potential to transform the lives of many students and contribute to the overall development of these areas.

“We aim to connect all schools in our coverage area’s to free fibre internet, and any school can apply for a partnership with us by getting the school representatives to complete a simple application form. At the moment we are focusing our efforts on government primary and high schools within our coverage area’s that do not have access to affordable internet, but long term we believe that every school deserves a Net Nine Nine or equivalent connection to the internet.”Says head of Marketing at Net Nine Nine – Richard Genlloud

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Net Nine Nine celebrates connecting 20 schools with free fibre

Net Nine Nine – Free Fibre to Schools

Net Nine Nine, Connects 20+ Schools with Free Fibre internet access.