Bekkersdal & Simunye School Shoe Drive

Bekkersdal & Simunye School Shoe Drive.

Back to school can be a daunting experience for some learners especially learners who come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Going to school without a proper pair of shoes can lower a child’s self-esteem and this can have a negative effect on their performance at school. It is every learner’s wish to own a good pair of school shoes to boost their confidence and help restore their self-esteem.

The Net Nine Nine school shoe drive aims at giving learner’s from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to feel confident and proud of themselves. Five schools from within Bekkersdal and Simunye joined us at the Isiqalo Primary School field grounds for a day filled with fibre education and school shoe handovers.

During the school shoe drive Net Nine Nine provided lunch packages for the learners, including participation prizes.

“We managed to donate a total of 250 pairs of school shoes to the learners who were in attendance of the school shoe drive, as a company we believe that an educated nation is a nation that is capable of leading someday”, said Richard Genlloud (Head of Marketing at Net Nine Nine)

These communities have shown gratitude and appreciation towards this initiative because it means that they get to own a pair of brand-new school shoes!

Net Nine Nine – CSI Projects

Net Nine Nine donates 250 pairs of school shoes to underprivileged learners in Bekkersdal & Simunye

04 May 2023